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In this post you will tell your friends about EasyPay application

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You can send money to your friends or relatives by creating an account in Friends EasyPay application. Of course they are living in any country of Pakistan. You can send money to your relative or your friend through EasyPay application. And not only this, with the help of this application you can also install packages

First of all you friends have to register in this application. Registering is very easy. If you want to register from your friend's link, they will get you money and your friend will also get money or if you If you want to register like this, you can

To register you have to keep your ID card and after that you have to complete all the forms that are there. Now after that you will enter the password here. Remember that whatever password you have entered will be given to you. The password must be remembered and then you will be asked for the PIN. PIN is also a kind of password. You must remember it. You will be asked for the PIN again, so you must remember this PIN. Either you save it somewhere and then your account will be fully created. Now you can send money to your friends here or if you invite your friends to this application then its You will also get money and your friend will also get money. Similarly, if you invite a lot of friends in one day, they will also get money from you and if you invite any of your friends in this application. If you want to send money, they can sell it and you can withdraw the money. You can open an easy money account in any country of Pakistan and share the money with your friends.

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Easypaisa App 2021

Friends, this application is an application of Telenor company. If you want to create an account on the app from Telenor SIM, you can create it or if you want to create an account on another SIM in Pakistan, you can also create it. With the help of this application you can put a package on any of your SIMs and if you want to submit a bill you can do this with the help of this application. It is a great application or there are many online jobs in which You will also get the EasyPay option. If you have an EasyPay account, you can deposit your account there and the money will be credited to your EasyPay account and you can transfer this money from anywhere through EasyPay account. You can also go and get them absolutely free. You can get them out for free and if you want to make an easy money card, you can make one too. You can find out more details in easy money using you. This means that if you want to know anything about easy money, you can go to its account and find out about it.

Friends, if you like this application, you can download this application to your mobile by clicking on download, then hurry up, download it to your mobile and take advantage of EasyPay application.