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Friends, if you are writing anything using the Notepad application, you can save it to Notepad. There are many articles that are very important for you to save. This means you can write a story. If you want to save this story somewhere, you can save this story through this application.

Saving means you have a story that was sent to you by your friend in WhatsApp, so now you want to save it somewhere because sometimes you even delete WhatsApp or have any problem. If you want it saved somewhere, you can save it in this application

All you have to do is download this application from now on by clicking on the download button. When you download it, you will have to install it on your mobile when you install it on your mobile. If I install it, nothing will happen in front of it, which means you will not see any such option in front of you. Below, you will see a plus one day. Paste. When they paste, you will see the save icon at the top. You have to click on it to save it.

Notepad App New Version

And for example any story that you don't want now means you don't need that story anymore so you can delete it too. It's very easy for you to click on that story a little bit. Wait a bit then it will be selected. Now you will see the delete icon at the top. You have to click on it and delete it.

When you download this application and keep it in your mobile, you will also get more information about how you will use it and how you will save the story in it. You will find complete information in this application. When you use it, you will find information in it.

And not only that if you write any story in it and you want to save it in your mobile like in sd card then you can save it is very easy just you will click on 3 dot Then you will have an option to export, then you have to click on it. When you click on it, your story will be saved in your mobile's SD card. You must select the file there. Whichever file you want to put it in