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In this post you will tell your friends about Snack app

Snack Video App Download
Snack Video App

Many friends will know about the Snack app. If you don't know friends, you will be told the complete procedure in this post

The first thing you guys need to do is download the Snack app. After downloading, you install the Snack app. When you install the Snack app, you are logged in if you already have an account. Go and if you do not already have an account, then you can register in it. It is very easy to register. You will see the logo of the account below. This means you will see a logo below. Click on it. When you click on it, you can register with Google, Facebook, or by number. You have to select one of them. If you select Google, then there. Adding your email to means you have to register there through Google and if you give the number then you have to add the number there then you will get a verification code you have to enter this code here Your account will be completely created when you add the code here

Download New Version Of Snack Video
Snack Video App

Then you have to complete the setting of your profile in it means you have to set your profile completely. How to set the profile is very easy. Once you open it, you will have the option to update the profile there. Will be visible meaning button will be visible Clicking on your button will take you to the profile when you click on this button or you will see the edit option then you will see the edit option Click on it to set your profile completely

Now after that you will upload videos on it and you will get followers in it. If you want to make money from it, you can earn it. If you want to register in YouTube Crater, you will find full details there. You can earn money by registering there.

And you can join groups, which means you can join groups. There the group is called Family, so you can join Family, and you are told the whole process in Family. Is how you will use it and if you want to come live in it you can also go live if you want to come live in it for one hour two hours you can come live

Friends, if you like this application, please download this application by clicking on the download button and after downloading, you will be able to download and install this app in your mobile. You can then open the app. More details are given above