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In this post you will tell your friends about Tik Tok and how you will use Tik Tok.

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Tiktok App

Many friends will know about Tik Tok application. If friends don't know, I will tell it in this post. First of all, your friends have downloaded this application in your mobile. Has to install it and after installing you have to open it. If you already have an account then you can sign in. This means you can log in if you do not have time. If so, then register in it. It is very easy to register. Just enter your number here and then your name and birth etc. Then you will get a verification code from Tik Tok company. This code is to be added here. Once you have added the code here, your account will be fully registered. Now you can upload the video there. After uploading the video, your video. People will watch and your followers will be more when they watch your video

Now that the account is complete then you have to upload the video in it and after uploading the video you will get the follow and after getting the follow you can get a lot of benefits from it.

Tiktok App Download

And it has also added a new option that allows you to earn money by inviting it. You will get 440 on one invite. Similarly, you can invite all your friends. You will find more information in the app.

And not only that, if your friend whom you invited created an account with your link, then whenever he watches the video in Tik Tok, you will also get the queen and that queen is your money. You can withdraw this money from your Jazz Cash or Easy Money and you will also see the option to claim Daily Queen. You can also claim Daily Queen in it.

More information When you open this application you will automatically know how to use it as it is explained in detail there.

Friends, if you like this application, you can download this application by clicking on the download button below and after downloading, you can open this application in your mobile and then you can As mentioned above, you have to follow all these things